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Ohmio is safe, stress-free and sustainable mobility for everyone. Never tired, distracted or impulsive, Ohmio is dependable. No licenses, no age restrictions or designated driver, Ohmio is easy. Reducing congestion, without fumes or noise, Ohmio is a breath of fresh air.

HMI Technologies

An integrated self-driving
eco-system to improve mobility

Ohmio self-driving vehicle technology was originally created by HMI Technologies, a global technology company and innovator of Intelligent Transport Systems. Ohmio vehicles can connect with other vehicles, infrastructure and traffic management systems. This connectivity will help them achieve greater efficiency and safety while giving clients, regulators and traffic managers greater control.

Integrating cutting-edge transformative technologies to find efficiencies, improve safety and convenience, Ohmio is driven to improve the way we move.

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Ohmio is a mobility solution to efficiently transport people, freight and other assets in a safe and controlled way. The vehicles operate on a mapped route and can be easily redeployed.

Vehicles from Ohmio Automotion, can be designed for private environments and campuses including:

  • Airports, ports or commercial parks
  • Rest homes & retirement villages
  • Schools, universities and education campuses
  • Recreation areas and amusement parks

Our team are experienced in deploying trials and demonstrations and can work with clients with that need to operate legally on public roads, shared or pedestrian areas.

New vehicles and technology are soon to be announced. We are focused on creating solutions and applying our technology to meet our client needs.

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Ohmio technical innovation

The Ohmio vehicles are world-leading in their technology and capabilities. Fully electric to reduce emissions, they featuring innovative safety and powerful navigational technologies including artificial intelligence.

Ohmio’s class-leading ability for self-mapping means they are incredibly quick and easy to deploy. Ohmio knows the way and can safely negotiate and avoid obstacles, ensuring riders, pedestrians and other road users are safe.

Ohmio vehicles can form a connected convoy, this makes Ohmio a world-leader with an efficient, scalable, mobility solution.