Vehicles and Technology

An integrated self-driving eco-system to improve mobility

Ohmio vehicle operations will be underpinned by our intelligent management system that combines the eco-system involved in real mobility operation. We have created an intelligent self-learning system to support electric automated shuttle services for our users, which is modular, supervised, managed, configurable, adaptable, safe, efficient, environmental and attractive.

Ohmio Hop

Ohmio's first concept vehicle, the Ohmio HOP is a 4-6 seater autonomous shuttle intended for indoor and outdoor mixed environments. Its LiDARs allow it to navigate areas which may contain pedestrians. The Ohmio HOP is an ideal solution for short distance leisurely travel.

Ohmio Lift

The Ohmio LIFT is Ohmio's flagship autonomous shuttle capable of carrying up to 20 passengers. It is a completely modular and flexible autonomous platform with systems that can be added or removed based on its intended deployment. Ohmio LIFT is a complete Level 4+ autonomous shuttle solution.


Ohmio Lift XT1

The extra-long version of the Ohmio LIFT, this vehicle is capable of carrying up to 40 passengers. The Ohmio LIFT XT1 can play the same role as a bus within a transportation network - but autonomously!