The First Ohmio LIFT is Revealed by Ohmio


Ohmio has unveiled its first Ohmio LIFT vehicle. The Ohmio LIFT is an autonomous shuttle built on Ohmio’s innovative flying carpet chassis design and incorporates Ohmio and HMI Technologies’ own locally developed guidance system. In addition, the body of the vehicle has been 3D printed, which makes this vehicle truly ground-breaking in terms of its design and construction.

Mohammed Hikmet, Executive Chairman of HMI and Ohmio, says he believes this is the largest 3D printed vehicle in the world to date.

“This is a fantastic achievement by our team of engineers and I am proud of them all,” Hikmet said today.

Speaking from the company’s headquarters in Auckland, New Zealand, Hikmet commented that “our small size as a company has allowed us to be agile and innovative in our design and approach to the development of this vehicle”.

The Ohmio LIFT is Ohmio’s flagship autonomous shuttle and is capable of carrying up to 20 passengers. It is a unique platform in so many ways.

The flying carpet chassis optimises space and adaptability, allowing it to potentially be deployed in a range of ways – including using it as a passenger vehicle, or as a freight vehicle. It can also be easily extended to use more than one vehicle, creating longer vehicles with even greater carrying capacity.

The autonomous guidance system developed by Ohmio is also modular and flexible, making it easier to use and adapt for different purposes, including for use indoors. One of the fantastic features of the Ohmio guidance system is the ease with which routes can be implemented and changed, allowing for more flexible and remote deployment of the vehicle.

Dean Zabrieszach, Chief Executive of HMI and Ohmio, said “this is a significant milestone for our company, one which we hope will be the first step in Ohmio becoming a major supplier of autonomous shuttles around the world. This first vehicle will be delivered to Christchurch International Airport, in the coming weeks. We are extremely grateful to Christchurch Airport for having faith in Ohmio to allow us to produce this vehicle for use at the airport and we look for expanding upon that faith in the future”.

Hikmet said “we envisage these vehicles operating as part of a larger transport ecosystem, where they may need to be easily and remotely redirected to follow different routes. As a result, we have designed a control system for Ohmio that is very adaptable and flexible.  We refer to our control system as being a level 4+ guidance system that can be further developed in the short to medium term to incorporate many more innovations”.

“And of course, the Ohmio LIFT we have built is 3D printed”, Hikmet said. “3D printed vehicles have been manufactured before, but I am not aware of one as big as this being manufactured in this way. It is another demonstration of our focus on doing things in a smart way, and breaking new ground to deliver a truly innovative, scalable and reliable product in the autonomous shuttle market”.

Mahmood Hikmet